What Exactly Is A House Show?

A house concert is exactly what it sounds like: a get-together of friends in your living room, deck, or garden, with live music, and often food, drinks, and conversation. House concerts are my favorite way to share live music. They are cozy, intimate, and allow me a chance to really get to know the audience while exposing my music to new ears - your group of friends! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will You Travel To My Little Town Or Far Away City?

Yes! I love to bring my music to new friends. I will need to consider expenses and make sure it makes sense. But don't hesitate to reach out to me and let's see what happens.

2. I Don't Have A Big House. Can I Still Host A Concert?

Yes! The cozier the better. You don't need a huge living room or a huge house. 

3. How Many People Should I Invite?

As many as you feel comfortable with in your home. Anywhere from 20 to 60 people is perfect. House concerts are intentionally intimate and focuses on quality over quantity. I’ll be glad to produce a digital invitation that you can email to your friends. It’s usually a good idea to have them RSVP so you’ll know how many are coming.

4. Can I Book You At My Neighborhood Theater, Coffeehouse, Or Gallery Instead?

Yes. Any place that is ideal for listening is a potential venue. But contact me first and we can discuss the details.

5. Does It Cost Money To Host A House Concert?

There is no cost to host a house concert. The host invites guests and guests are asked to give a donation. A typical house concert has a donation of $10-20 per person that goes directly to the artist. Travel is a consideration in how much guests are asked to donate.

6. What about sound?

I have a portable, high quality sound system. If I have my band with me, we will bring all the needed equipment. There are no drums and we play at a comfortable level so you can hear perfectly but it will not be too loud or disrupt your neighbors. It will be intimate and sound great.

7. How Do I Plan This Thing?

The beauty in house concerts is that they are low stress.  Once we agree on a date, we can talk about a start time. Then you can setup a Facebook invite and/or shoot out emails to your network of friends to let them know about it. Encourage them to bring a dish and it becomes a potluck!  Whatever happens, don't stress! It's just like hanging out with your friends! 

8. But I Don’t Want Strangers In My House.

No problem.  Simply keep the Facebook invite private or limit the Evite to your network. I list “Private Concert” on my tour calendar.

9. What Exactly Is The Order Of Events For The Evening?

Typical house concerts allow guests to arrive for about an hour and get comfortable and socialize before the music starts. The music can be a one hour set or two 45 minute sets with a break in between. After the music, folks can socialize with the band and have a chance to purchase merchandise if they want.

10. Bill, What Are Your Personal Expectations?

The most enjoyable and memorable house concerts occur when a house becomes a listening room. It’s the opposite of having a party and everyone socializing while a band plays in the background. At a house concert, folks come to listen to music and connect with the artist. There is plenty of joyful socializing before and after the music. But at a house concert, the song is boss.

11. Ok, I Think I Can Do This!! What's Next?

Great! Send me an email at bookbillbrimer@gmail.com Ask me whatever additional questions you have or let me know if you are looking to book a specific date. Let's do it!

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